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How to Grow Rock Candy in Glass

How to Grow Rock Candy in Glass

How to Grow Rock Candy in Glass


Is the kitchen shelf empty of snacks to nibble and your kids are still carving for some sweet sugary explosion inside their mouth? Then you are good to go with just a few ingredients. Yes, a homemade treat for yourself can be prepared with a simple and easy recipe. Let us look at how to make rock candy in less than 5 minutes. Rock candy in glass for kids is a fun experiment to try on. So come along to start a delicious thrilling adventure with Sparklebox!


  1. 6 cups of granulated sugar
  2. 2 cups of water
  3. 2-3 drops of food colour
  4. ½ tsp of oil

Materials Required

  1. Few wooden skewer or 1-inch string
  2. Cloth pins
  3. Tissue paper/ Plastic wrapper

Preparation Directions

  • The first step in preparing rock candy in glass for kids is to wet each wooden skewer in water and rollover in a plate of sugar. This will act as a base layer for the sugar crystals to grab on during crystallization. Keep them aside to be dried.
  • Rinse the glass jar with hot water and pat dry.

Cooking Directions

  • Set a saucepan on the stove and turn on the flame. Into the pan, pour in 2 cups of water and bring it to boil. 
  • Slowly add 1 cup of granulated sugar and stir-continuously till the sugar is fully dissolved into water. Repeat the process with the remaining cups of sugar.
  • Please note, add only 1 cup of sugar at a time and wait till it is fully dissolved to add the next cup of sugar.
  • Now to the pan of sugar syrup add in 2-3 drops of food colour. Stir the mixture well to evenly spread out the colour to the entire solution.
  • Later, add ½ tsp of oil to the mixture and stir well continuously for another 2 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame. Keep aside and let the sugar syrup cool for half an hour.  One thing you should always keep in mind is that whether you are performing science experiments for grade 1 or an advanced level experiment always take absolute precautions.
  • Once cool, transfer the syrup to cleaned glass jars.
  • Dip wooden skewers coated with sugar into the centre of each glass jar and support the top of the tip with two cloth pins plugged into one another. 
  • We have come to the end of the experiment rock candy in glass for kids. Now let us wait for the time to do the magic. Keep the glass jars away from light in a cool dark place.
  • Allow it to crystallise for 5-7 days. Let the mixture remain in an undisturbed place. Cover with tissue paper or plastic wrap to avoid dust particles entering the jars. 
  • You can visibly see the crystals forming up after 2-4 hours itself. But if you are not able to see the sugar crystals, you will have to boil the mix once again with an additional cup of sugar. Then insert the skewers and set them into the resting position as we did before. 
  • The size of rock candy is totally your preference. The more you allow the sugar syrup to rest, the greater the size of the rock candy you can enjoy! But be careful to avoid the mess of crystals overwhelming the jar. Surely you don’t want that.
  • Once the rock candy has reached its desired size, break the top layer of crystal with a fork or another skewer, then slowly pull out the skewer. 
  • Take another empty set of glass jars and allow the rock candies to get dried for 1-2 hours. Use the cloth pins to balance the candies in the centre of the glass jar as we did earlier. 
  • Once dried, the rock candies in glass for kids are ready to go for a final tasting round! You can also store it in another air-tight container or wrap it around with a wrapper for later use.


  • To make rock candy without a stick, you can substitute the skewer with a 1-inch thread.
  • To make the rock candy fast, you can choose a microwave oven to cooktop for carrying out the cooking process. 

Rock candy science experiment is a combination of a tasty recipe trial and a fun experiment, which helps you understand crystallization. By making to study, we transform our kitchen as the workshop for studying Chemistry the laboratorian experiments. Through this experiment of making rock candy in glass for kids, we learn about 

  • Evaporation
  • Supersaturation
  • Precipitation
  • Crystallisation

Evaporation- The water content in the mixture slowly gets evaporated over time with continuous heating.

Supersaturation-While heating each cup of sugar in the water, we witness the solution becoming more saturated and sugar molecules coming up.

Precipitation-When the liquid solution has more solute(Sugar) and is left undisturbed the sugar will start coming out of solution developing what is scientifically termed as a precipitate. 

Crystallisation- can be termed as the process of how the sugar solidifies from the liquid solution of sugar syrup or as they precipitate out of the sugar solution. 

Rock candy


As per the psychological study, the kids learn the concept better through real-life examples rather than theories and classroom lecturing. Science experiments are one of the best ways to get into the concepts deeper. The science experiments for grade 1 like rock candy in glass for kids offer a wide pathway of understanding the subjects. Sparkle box is a platform where kids are taught through live learning. We render grade-wise experimental kits and educational toys to enliven the learning experience. Let the learning process be not bound by the margins and pages of books alone.


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