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Model Aircraft | Ideal for Age 11 years and above

Model Aircraft | Ideal for Age 11 years and above

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SKILL SETS: Aeromodelling, parts of a foam glider, forces of flight, control surface of an aircraft, problem-solving ability.

ATTENTION SPAN: Each activity is a combination of building, comprehending & then application of the understanding. This helps to improve the attention span of the child.

IMPROVES LEARNING OUTCOMES: Enhances critical thinking & problem-solving capacity.

SCREEN TIME REDUCTION/PRODUCTIVE LEARNING: Min 5+ Experiments & Activities to stay engaged in learning productivity.

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The Model Aircraft Kit has activities related to basics of foam gliders, parts of an aircraft, different types of control surfaces of an aircraft and their applications. It contains a manual that explains how to execute the practical projects step by step with the materials included in the kit. This Kit is for children who want to experiment, test, and design practical gliders and aeromodelling projects on their own. It also contains a glider designing guide, which actually teaches the child to design his/her own real-time gliders using various materials.

Number of activities- 5

Size of the box- 240 mm x 310 mm x 50 mm

Hands on Fun learning Activities.

List of Activities and Concepts Covered:

  1. Flying a foam plane without the wing.
  2. Flying a foam plane without the tail.
  3. Flying a foam plane with weights on one side of the wing.
  4. Attaching weight to the tail and then flying the aeroplane.
  5. Flying by attaching the ailerons.

List of Materials:

  1. Foam plane
  2. Card Board Cut-outs
  3. Foam plane box
  4. Clay (Small Box)
  5. Cello tape (Small)

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  1. Nitin Yadav
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    Amazing Kit

  2. tejasdesai8555
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    Amazing learning experience with this kit

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