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Grade 4

Educational Kits for Grade 4: Learning Beyond the Walls of a Classroom

Imagine learning without restrictions of the four walls of the classroom. Sparklebox makes your imagination a reality with exceptional educational kits for Grade 4 students. The perfect blend of fun and learning, these boxes are designed to make complex theorems and confusing chemistry as easy as 1-2-3!

Each Sparklebox is designed by experts who are IIT & IIM Alumni who transform learning from being theoretical and boring to practical and fun. If your child is scared of numbers, our Visualize Math Kit, full of Math activities for Grade 4 will drive their fear away. If Science is the trouble-maker, get your hands on our 4th Grade Science Kits for hands-on Science experiments for class 4, if English is getting too difficult to handle, get your child busy with our kit of English activities for Grade 4 and if you wish to teach your child about colours, our Art and Craft Kits should be your go-to! 

Math Kit for Grade 4: Make Math Your Child’s Best Friend

For some children, math can become a fearsome subject. If concepts are broken into simpler topics, and the child is made to learn in the way he or she understands, then they learn for life. Introduce them to Sparklebox Math kit for Grade 4. This kit has hands-on math activities specially designed for kids of Grade 4. The child learns about fractions, data handling, graphs, the concept of money and more through interesting Math projects for Class 4.

Science Experiments for Grade 4 to Master the Mysteries of Science

Why do some objects float while others sink? What is transpiration? What are the eating habits of different animals? Get answers to all these and more in the Sparklebox Science Kit, full of Science experiments for Grade 4. Appropriate for ages 7 and above, this kit contains 25+ Science activities for Grade 4 students. These Science projects for Grade 4 have all material included in the box, all you have to do is open the Sparkle Box Dyscovery Station Science Kit to start the fun! We are sure your child will love these Science activities for Class 4. We have designed these Science projects for Class 4, keeping in mind the curriculum followed in their schools. 

4th Grade Art and Craft Activities: Make Your Child a future artist

Want your child to learn some new art and craft?Get them the Sparklebox Art and Craft Kit for Grade 4. Appropriate for ages 9 and above, your little one learns 2D&3D craft, mandala art, weave a mat, art styles of celebrated painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, and more! Perfect 4th Grade Art and Craft activities for your little one.

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