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Grade 5

Educational Kits for Grade 5 to Strengthen Basic & Advanced Concepts

When your children learn hands-on, they learn for life. Sparklebox educational kits for Grade 5, helps young learners adapt to complex subjects in extremely easy and engaging steps. All they have to do is open the box! Be it Math project or Science project for Class 5, we have your child covered!

Our idea is to provide your child with complete 360° degree development. From performing Science experiments for Class 5, playing with Mathematical concepts in the Math kit for Grade 5 to having fun with English language, our activity kits are perfect to understand lessons of Grade 5. Boring concepts get an interesting facelift with each Sparklebox. 

Math Activities for Grade 5 To Make Your Child a Mathemagician!

Want your child to have some serious fun with Math? Bring home the Sparklebox Math project for class 5! Perfect for age 8 and above, this kit has math activities about decimals, factors and multiples, data representation and more! No additional material required, these Math projects for Grade 5 are completely hands-on. With little to no supervision required, when children are involved in these interesting Math activities for Grade 5, they learn for life. Let them discover the magic of Math without spending time on digital devices. 

Science Experiments for Grade 5 to Ignite the Spark of Imagination

Science can baffle most children, but when they have the Sparklebox 5th Grade Science kits with them, Science becomes their best buddy! The Science activities for Grade 5 have been designed keeping in mind the school curriculum so that concepts in school become easier to understand. Appropriate for age 9 and above, with these Science kits for Class 5, your child learns about concepts of force & its effects, types of force, simple machines, properties of light & how it helps us to see objects, magnetism and much more. The best part? All these Science projects for 5th Grade are hands-on activities with all materials provided in the kit. Say NO to screen time and YES to hands-on learning with the Sparklebox Science experiments for Grade 5. 

Discover the joy of learning with Sparklebox.

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