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Visuali2e Math Grade-1

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5-6 Years


Number of instruments in the box 12
Size of the box 330mm X 225mm X 55mm
Material PVC foam
Skill set Color and shape recognition, Numbers difference concept, Problem solving ability.

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             One of the specially designed Maths kits for grade 1

             Simple and meticulously assembled

             Following a hands-on approach

             Introducing the wonderful world of Mathematics to children through practical approaches


Learning Outcomes

Hundred Chart-:  Hundred Chart-:  This is designed as a 10 by 10 grid, containing numbers from one to hundred. Each column consists of numbers increasing in steps of 1.    Using this kit, children will be able to learn about concepts such as skip counting, adding and subtracting 10, before and after numbers etc. This kit includes a chart containing one hundred numbers.

Base 10 blocks-:  This is intended as a hands-on approach to learning concepts such as place values, number concepts, operations, measurements etc.  The students will be benefitted from the physical representations of the concepts they learn, and this will help them in the long run. They will be able to see the clear, logical patterns arising out of each of the operations, as they are building number combinations with base ten blocks.  This kit includes cubes and rods.

The addition and subtraction template-:  Containing various columns, these templates are used for working with number ten blocks, which is one of the integral parts of the Maths kit for grade 1.

Place value and comparing number templates-:  Comprising columns used for working with base 10 blocks.

Shapes frame-:  This is a meticulously designed frame for placing the shapes.

Shapes, square, triangles (3), Rhombus-:  Shapes, square, triangles (3), Rhombus-:  These are multicoloured Tangram puzzle shapes that include Triangles (2 small, 1 medium, 2 large), one square, and one rhombus-shaped piece.    Using it children will be able to recognize shapes and develop spatial skills.

Boardgame 1-:  The Swimming pool game-: This is designed as an engaging game where each player has to reach the swimming pool by working out the sum based on the place value, and the addition they land on.  The game has a board, a dice and a counter.

Boardgame 2-:  Trip to home-: This is an interesting game, using dices and counters.  Players have to reach the finishing line by working out the sum, based on principles such as addition and subtraction. This Kit consists of dices and counters.

Counters and dice-:  4 counters and 2 dices are used for playing the board games.


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Visuali2e Math Grade-1

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