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Visuali2e Math Grade-2

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7-8 Years


Number of instruments in the box 12
Size of the box 330mm X 225mm X 55mm
Material PVC foam
Skill set Skip and count the numbers in forward and backward, Addition and subtraction with regrouping, Shape recognition, Basic logical reasoning.

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             Wonderful opportunity for children to learn Mathematics in the easiest way

             A hands-on approach for a strong foundation

             This can be a useful aid for an activity such as Maths kit for grade 2

             Practical and meticulously designed



Learning Outcomes


 Hundred Chart-: This is designed as a 10 by 10 grid, containing numbers from 1 to 100.  Among each column, the number will increase in steps of 10 from the bottom to top, while among the rows, the number will decrease in steps of 10. The idea is to make children acquainted with concepts such as skip counting, adding and subtracting 10, and before and after numbers.  This kit includes a chart with one hundred numbers.

Base 10 blocks-:  This is an effective way to understand concepts such as place values, measurements etc.  They are designed as physical representations of the concepts so that children can understand the concepts in depth. Children will learn concepts such as regrouping carry over and can easily perceive the logical development of each operation. This kit includes cubes and rods.

Addition and subtraction templates-:  They contain templates with columns for working with the base 10 blocks.

Place value and comparing numbers template-:  Containing columns, they are used for working with base 10 blocks.

Shapes frame-:  This is designed as a frame for placing the shapes. Shapes frame-:  This is designed as a frame for placing the shapes. This will help identify the shapes and increase the skillets in visualization. As a beneficial educational activity for kids, they would further pave the way for deep understanding.

Shapes, Square, Triangles, and Rhombus (3)-: This kit, of multicoloured tangrams, includes triangles (2 small, 2 large, 1 medium, 1 square, and one rhomboid piece.  The intention is to develop spatial skills in children.

Boardgame 1-:  The Swimming pool game-: This is designed as a game played with dices and counters.  Here, each player has to reach the swimming pool by working out the sum based on place values, addition and subtraction they land on.  This game is played with dices, counters and one board.

Boardgame 2-: The cricket game-:  Each player has to finish the line by working out the sum, which is based on addition, subtraction, patterns, missing numbers, and money they land on. This game involves a board, dices and counters.

Counters and Dices-:  4 counters and two pairs of dices are used to play this game.


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Visuali2e Math Grade-2

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