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Visuali2e Math Grade-6

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  11-13 years


Number of instruments in the box 9
Size of the box 330mm X 225mm X 55mm
Material PVC foam
Skill set Concept on Integers, Decimals comparison, Algebraic equations, Variable values, Basic angles.

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·         This the kit is intended  for making learning Mathematics easy

·         This educational set includes integer counters, base hundred blocks, base one blocks, Cuisenaire strips, Algebra tiles, Geometry kit, Integer chart, Dices etc

·         Ushering students to the wonderful world of numbers

·         Practically easy to use, and exquisitely designed

·         Makes learning entertaining through board games

Fear for learning Mathematics is a common phenomenon. This occurs mainly due to the lack of a solid, strong foundation. Human beings are prone to having visual experiences, especially when it involves visual ones. The intent for developing this maths kit for grade 6 is to help children in learning mathematics easier.


Learning Outcomes

  .   Numicons-: Have you ever thought about the importance of visualizing numbers so that they will remain etched in our minds? Numicons are at your service then. They are leading resources used to represent numbers from 1 to 10.  The set includes 10   pieces  representing numbers from 1 to 10.

 · Geometry Kits-: Providing an idea about the real world of Geometry, through these kits, children will learn about triangles,squares  circles, etc.  The Visuli2e Maths kits for grade 6 will help to identify and recognize the shapes.  This set contains  scales and 360- degree protractors.

  .  Base 10 blocks-: To put the very idea of numbers into the minds of children, there can’t be a better instrument than this. This is an  excellent way to learn values, number concepts and operations and one can learn about regrouping/trading and can see the logical development of each operation. This is an ample way to explore concepts like decimals and perform basic operations with decimal numbers. This set contains rods, and cubes, etc.

 ·   Algebra tiles-: Designed in such a way that the introduction to Algebraic concepts won’t look like a mazy hurdle. The coloured side represents positive while the white stands for negative. Using these tiles is much easier for children to model and practice writing and simplifying algebraic expressions, along with performing balancing of algebraic equations.

 · Integer Counters-: This will help children in modeling and visualizing integers. These double-sided integer counters practicall help one in understanding addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integer numbers. This has a red and white counter which together represents no change. This would help children in mastering the model with ease effectively.

 ·  Integer chart-: When you learn something in a fun-filled manner, chances are there that you will remember it for a long time.Integer chart is a game designed to help students to participate and understand the operations of integers.

 .  Cuisenaire strips-: Designed as a collection of rectangular rods, it helps to demonstrate concepts such as LCM, HCF, equivalent fractions, subtractions, etc.



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Visuali2e Math Grade-6

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