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Visuali2e Math Grade-7

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Number of instruments in the box 11
Size of the box 330mm X 225mm X 55mm
Material PVC foam
Skill set Polynomial concepts, Algebraic equation concepts, Pythagoras theorem, Types of angle.

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             One of a kind, a unique learning material, intended to make the learning of Mathematics easier for children

             Easy to use, simplifying mathematical concepts

             Effectively improves mathematical skills

             Aiding and stimulating the imagination of children

             A perfect tool for laying a strong foundation in mathematics


Learning Outcomes

Integer Counters-: Planting the idea of integers into the minds of children is an important step in strengthening their foundations. These double-sided integers help to boost the knowledge about concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integer numbers etc. While the red side of it is used for positive integers, the other white side is used to represent negative integers.  A red and white counter together represents 0, as +1 and-1 would represent no change. This can be an effective tool to learn about basic concepts.

Base ten blocks-: This is an excellent approach to learn about place values, number concepts and operations. By using them, one can easily understand concepts such as regrouping/trading and can see in-depth about the logical development of each operation, which will help them in mastering the fundamentals of place values etc.  This can be perceived as a launching pad, from where students can further make inroads into decimal concepts, compares decimals etc.

Algebra Tiles-: For many students, Algebra can be the main stumbling block. This tool effectively helps them in understanding algebraic concepts. Here, coloured tiles represent positive while white tiles stand for the negative. Using it, children can easily perform actions such as balancing of algebraic equations, additions and subtractions of polynomials.

Parallelogram Kit-: Excellent tool to understand the areas and perimeters of parallelograms and triangles.

Area of circle kit-: This is cut into sectors, thus helping students in modelling the area of a circle.

Pythagorean Kit-: There cannot be a better way to understand the Phenomenal Pythagoras theorem! Students can do it by arranging the unit square to make the main square, and this tool helps them to verify that in a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. This kit has a right-angle triangle and squares.

Geometry Kit-: Comprises scales and 360-degree protractors, using which children can make working models of parallel lines, angles and triangles, significantly simplifying the abstract concepts.

Integer Chart-: Designed as a game for practising and a better understanding of operations using integers.

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Visuali2e Math Grade-7

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