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Visuali2e Math Lower K.G

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3-4 Years


Number of instruments in the box 11
Size of the box 330mm X 225mm X 55mm
Material PVC foam
Skill set Number sequence, Addition, Number bonds, Numbers comparison.

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             A unique set of instruments aiming to strengthen the foundations in Mathematics

             Meticulously designed, and simple to use

             Introducing children to the wonderful world of Mathematics, using a hands-on approach

             Aiming to make study interesting and entertaining

Learning Outcomes

Tens frame two numbers-: This is designed as two by five rectangular frames, to which specific counters are placed, to show numbers that are less than or equal to 10.  This kit comprises of two ten frames with frames to keep the number cards and 20 number counters and is intended for improving the number sense of children about numbers within 10.

Number Cards-: Containing number cards with numbers from 1 to 10, this can be useful in getting children acquainted with the concept of numbers.

Numicons-:  Visualization can enhance and improve the sense of numbers in Children. This kit, of 10 pieces, containing Numicon shapes, represents numbers from 1 to 10.

Cuisenaire Strips-:  This is designed as a collection of rectangular strips of 10 colours, with each colour corresponding to a different length. This is an excellent tool to learn about Numbers, Number bonds, even and odd numbers, ascending and descending orders, addition, subtraction etc. One set encompasses 10 pieces with 10 ten lengths with the difference of one.

Base 10 blocks-:  Using this kit will help in developing a strong foundation on concepts such as place values, number concepts, operations, measurements etc, and these are physical representations of the concepts so that children can learn more easily, where Children can see the clear, logical developments arising out of each operation, as they are learning about building number combinations with base ten blocks. This Kit includes cubes and rods.

Number Charts-: This kit contains a 10 by 10 grid, with the numbers one to one hundred.  Here, each column will have numbers that will increase in the step of 10 from bottom to top, and in each of the rows, the number will be increased in steps of 5.  By using this, the children will be able to learn about skip counting; adding and subtracting 10, before and after number etc.  This Kit includes a one hundred chart. Dice with two different colours-:  This Kit includes two playing dices corresponding to two different colours.

Sign Cards (<,>, =)-:  These are Visual aids representing greater than (>), less than (<), equal to (=), and addition (+). Consisting of 4 sign cards, this is used for comparing numbers and adding two numbers.

Beads corresponding to 5 different colours-:   Aiming to give children a sense of numbers, and identifying the patterns, and continue the given pattern using beads of two different colours in alternating groups of 5.  This set contains one string and beads of two colours, with 5 beads of each colour.

Counters 20-:  This is a set of 20 counters, intended to be used as a tool to teach concepts such as place values, addition, etc.

Base 10 blocks-: This is intended to make learning about concepts such as place values, number concepts, operations, measurements etc.  As these are physical representations of the concepts, children will develop a deeper understanding.  By using this, so that the children are learning about building number combinations with base ten blocks,  they can easily see the clear, logical the developments arising out of each operation.  This Kit includes cubes and robs.

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Visuali2e Math Lower K.G

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