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Visuali2e Math Upper K.G

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3-5 Years


Number of instruments in the box 12
Size of the box 330mm X 225mm X 55mm
Material PVC foam
Skill set Number sequence, Place value demonstration, Number bonds, Ascending & descending concepts.

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             Hands-on way to make children introduced to the amazing world of Mathematics

             Strengthening the foundation in simple, practical ways

             Easy to use, and intended to inculcate an understanding of Mathematics at a young age

             Using board games and visualization for teaching

Learning Outcomes


Tens frame 2 numbers-: This is designed as a two by five rectangular frames into which counters are placed to show numbers that are less than or equal to 10.  This will improve the number sense in children. This kit includes two ten frames with spaces to keep the number of cards and 20 counters.

Number Cards-:  This is a kit comprising of cards with numbers. Which are from one to ten.

Numicons-:  Visualization can be of immense help in building a strong foundation in Mathematics. Numicons are visual aids for children, as they are shapes representing numbers 1-10.  This set includes 10 pieces representing numbers 1 to 10.

Cuisenaire Strips-:  These are designed as a collection of rectangular strips of 10 colours, with each colour corresponding to a different length.  This will be of immense help for children in learning about numbers, number bonds, even and odd numbers, ascending and descending orders, addition, subtraction, etc.  One set includes 10 pieces with ten lengths with a difference of one.

Base ten blocks-:  This is a hands-on way to learn more about concepts such as place values, number concepts, operations, measurements, etc.  These are visual representations of the concepts that the children are learning, so they can easily connect and understand in depth.  As they are building number combinations with base ten blocks, they can see the logical development arising out of each operation.  This kit includes cubes and rods.

Hundreds Chart-:  This is meticulously designed as a 10 by 10 grid, with numbers one to one hundred.  Each of the columns will be having numbers, increasing in the step of 10 from bottom to top, and in each row, the number increases in steps of 1.  This kit will help students in understanding concepts such as skip counting, adding and subtracting 10, before and after number, and this kit includes a chart of one hundred numbers.

Dices with two different colours:  This comprises of two dices with two different colours.

Sign Cards (<,>, =)-: Using this, children can learn about greater than (>), less than (<),  equal to (=) and sum (+). This set will help add and compare two numbers.  This tool consists of 4 sign cards.

Five beads with different colours:   This set, consisting of beads and strings will give children a definite sense of numbers, and will help in identifying the patterns and continue using the pattern, using beads of two different colours of alternating groups of 5.  The components of this kit are beads belonging to two different colours ( 5 beads for each colour) and a string.

Counters 20-:  This can be an excellent tool for learning about concepts such as place values, and addition.






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Visuali2e Math Upper K.G

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