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Dyscovery Station Grade-4

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9-11 Years


Number of activities in the kit 10
Size of the box 340mm X 270mm X 80mm
Number of batteries 1
Material Plastic (Foam)

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   Dyscovery station- 4, designed as an excellent science kit  for class  4, comprises of kits that are intended to enkindle logical reasoning and stimulate the intellectual curiosities in children.

   This set encompasses a series of activities in this regard.

    We have designed instruments that would streamline the natural scientific tendencies of children to nurture and polish their talents.

Learning Outcomes

Periscope-: Children will learn about the applications of the concepts of light and how keeping mirrors at a certain angle can be used to see the object.

Convergent and Divergent-: This is a meticulously designed tool to get children’s attraction towards studying the property of mirror that which mirror lets convergences and its replications, and the same applies to divergence

Simple generator-: Children will understand concepts such as how the conversion of energy takes place, and how mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy etc.

Components of circuit-: This is designed for making children understand what happens when we connect multiple components in one circuit and how to connect multiple components in one circuit.

Shadow Projector-:  In this activity, they will learn how we can project large shadows of the screen using objects.

Mangonel-: Using this tool, children will get to know the concepts of push, the role of elastic behaviour, what will be the effect on working of mangonel if the elasticity of an object is reduced?

Vertical Pencil levitation-: In this activity, students will learn about the magnetic behaviour of the magnet and how magnetic force can attract/ repel the object.

Light and dark-: This is to demonstrate that we can see objects and the importance of light.

Air Cannon-: This is aimed at making children learn about the effect of water and air pressure.

Strength of Magnets-: Through this activity they will understand the strength of a magnet and its attracting force.



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Dyscovery Station Grade-4

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