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Dyscovery Station Grade-5

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Number of activities in the kit 8
Size of the box 340mm X 270mm X 80mm
Number of batteries 1
Material Plastic (Foam)

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   Dyscovery station- 5, meticulously designed and pretty simple to use, consists of a set of instruments, aimed at inculcating logical reasoning in children.

  Efficient in explaining rather abstract concepts with the aid of working models, as included in this science kit for grade 5.

   Engaging children in numerous activities, thus quenching their thirst for knowledge.


Learning Outcomes

Circuit Play-: By this activity, Children will be able to make complex circuits make their quiz games, and in the end will be able to play.

Electromagnetic Crane-:  This is intended to make children understand how electricity makes magnetic energy and thus be able to attract the object. This instrument will work as an electromagnet.

Multiple images using mirror -:  Through this activity, children will understand how the placement of objects at certain angles leads to the formation of multiple images.

Hydraulic press and lift-: Through this activity, children understand the effect of water pressure, and they will get to know how water pressure can be used.

Shadow projector-: By using it, they will learn how we can project large shadows on the screen using objects and a torch.

Smartphone Projector-:  By the ample use of Smartphone projector, kids will learn about how we can project images and movies on the screen.

Vacuum Cleaner-:  This can be seen as a demonstration of how electrical energy gets converted to wind energy. This instrument will create pressure and then its working will be explained regarding its uses.

Wind mill-: This is to show how wind energy can be used and how it is converted to electrical energy.


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Dyscovery Station Grade-5

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